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Potterville Public School's Counselor Team
Potterville Public School's Counselor Team is here to serve our students! We guide our students in their academic pursuits ensuring that they are taking the classes needed for them to not only graduate, but to be competitive at a collegiate level. There are many avenues for our students to choose to be successful at Potterville's Schools.
Transcript Request Information
Do you need to send your PHS Transcripts to a college or get a copy of your Potterville High School Transcripts for yourself?
Student Eligibility:
  • Students can qualify with scores from specified scores on SAT, ACT, PLAN, or PSAT. Table available with qualifying scores at Michigan Department of Education website. 
If students are interested in dual enrollment, please contact the principal for more information.
Some classes use Google Classroom to share class information.  Some use Schoology. Please see below for the codes.
Students will receive an invitation to join their "Class of" through their email. These google classrooms are specific to each grade level. Throughout your high school career, many things will be posted in your specific to each grade level. Throughout your high school career, many things will be posted in your specific "Class of" classroom. This is especially helpful during your junior and senior year - where testing information, scholarships and College Rep visits are posted. Parents may also join by having their student invite them through the google classroom link. 
PHS Students, if you have not accepted the invite, you may search for it in your email or you can use the codes listed below for your age group to join. Check with Dave Mateer for additional questions or concerns. 
Class of 2024 - rq67n2t
Class of 2027 - Code: WS7W-VKVX-DXNRX
Welcome college-bound students and parents to Scholarship News Section!
Check back often as information is continuously updated. 
Here are some helpful tips to guide you on your search
  1. Do not let small award amounts discourage you. Apply to as many scholarships as you think you are qualified for. Our college advisor is a great resource in determining different options you should pursue.
  2. Beware of any scholarship that asks for a social security number, guarantees an award, or charges an application fee. These are usually hoaxes of one sort of another. If you are unsure, ask our college advisor.
  3. Keep track of your scholarships! Staying organized will help you plan out how many you need to apply to, and when you should be done applying.
  4. Don't get stressed out. Plan to complete one scholarship a day to lessen the load. By the end of the school year, you could have applied for over a hundred scholarships! (That's A LOT of money!)
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Potterville High School Test Out For Credit
An assessment which measures mastery in a specific subject in order to earn credit for that course.
Designed for:
Any student who has obtained skills and knowledge of the subject through outside classes, studies, or experiences.
Classes Include:
Course required by the Michigan Merit Curriculum and listed as high school graduation requirements in Potterville High School's Curriculum Guide
Requests for "Test Out" must be submitted to the principal's office at least a week prior to the three times a student can test out: January exam week, June exam week, and August the week prior to school starting. 
  1. Student obtains a "Test Out" request for from the academic coach at PHS
  2. Student submits the completed request form to the counseling office
  3. Student meets with the teacher whose class they want to test out of and pick up:
    • Course syllabus or course organizer
    • Textbook or study material
  4. With preparation materials, student will be given a specific time and date of the test for which they have registered. 
The week prior to school starting in August/January exams/June exams, students will take Exams at PHS. Students must schedule a time to come in and test out during office hours. Students may adjust their schedules with the principal/academic coach if they demonstrated mastery (80% or higher) in a course in which they were registered for the fall or spring.
Course Offerings, Graduation and Scheduling
Students must successfully earn a minimum of 24 credits to graduate. The Potterville Board of Education has set the Michigan Merit Curriculum as the graduation requirements of the high school. Click to link below for more details on graduation requirements.
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