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2021 Bond Proposal

Our community will have the opportunity to vote on a Potterville Public Schools bond proposal on the August 3, 2021 election ballot.


If approved, it would provide $28,000,000 for building and site improvements to address identified and ongoing facility needs based on facility assessments and community input.


The District is proposing to continue updating the infrastructure by providing improvements to aging building systems. While the schools have been well-maintained, some building systems are beyond their anticipated lifecycle and should be replaced. If approved, this bond proposal would fund improvements to make our schools more energy efficient and extend their useful lives.


If approved by voters, the District would decrease the sinking fund rate by 2.45 and it is estimated that in 2022 the bond millage would increase by 2.45 mills, which would have a net tax impact of 0 mills, meaning the total tax rate would not increase. Financial Chart


For an overview of the proposed projects, please view the proposed building improvements graphic. Campus Improvements


A community forum about the bond proposal was held on June 24 at 6:00 P.M. 


If you have questions, please refer to the bond proposal frequently asked questions and answers document. Frequently Asked Questions .


If you have further questions, please contact Kevin Robydek, Superintendent, at (517) 645-4705 or

[email protected]